Doctor of Physical Therapy Outcome Data

  • The graduation rate for Class of 2017 is 100% and the Class of 2018 rate is 98%
  • 100% of the graduates who passed the National Physical Therapy Examination for the Class of 2016 and the Class of 2017 who were able to be contacted reported that they were employed as physical therapists within twelve months of graduation
  • The combined ultimate passage rate for the Class of 2016 and the Class of 2017 on the National Physical Therapy Examination was 100%.

The Opportunities
During the program, our students are exposed to a variety of opportunities through class, volunteer/service projects, service learning and clinical experiences. With a diverse faculty in our department, students are able to learn about various practice settings and focus. To help with clinical exposure and experience, students have a variety of clinical experience locations to chose from during their education. Local vendors and practitioners visit to share their knowledge and expertise. Through the PT club and other local programs, students participate in a variety of projects in the local community.

Various levels of service learning experiences are integrated into our program. These experiences expose students to settings and people at the local, regional, and international level. For more information on service learning, please visit our global impact page.

Participation in research is a key component of the program, and our students are required to contribute to the body of knowledge. With increasing weight placed on evidence based practice, the profession requires evidence that therapeutic interventions have been proven to be relevant and appropriate to the patients. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects. With that, they are also given the opportunity to present their doctoral research projects at state, national and international levels and to publish the results in professional literature. Additionally, the research-training seminars prepare students for public speaking.

The Department of Physical Therapy offers an excellent physical environment conducive to learning and to quiet studying. In addition to the department's facilities and equipment, the students have access to all the university's resources. The full-time faculty is comprised of licensed physical therapists from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Adjunct faculty members bring additional skills in related fields, offering the students a broad and comprehensive range of associated topics relevant to practice. For more information on the Wheeling University Physical Therapy Program, contact the Department at 304-243-2432  or

The Wheeling University Department of Physical Therapy is located off campus at the Stone Center in downtown Wheeling. The Department offers an excellent physical environment conducive to learning and to quiet studying.